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Photos and other images are used to provide visual appeal. Rather than have static images you could have multiple photos cycle every few seconds in the same spot so that the site will not be cluttered with photos.

Slideshows and Movies

To highlight a business more, a slideshow or movie may be desired. For a slideshow, a series of photos may be displayed with either a musical background or a spoken voice tract. Controls are present at the bottom allowing the user to play again, pause and stop. Clicking on the images to the right will bring up a new window with a slideshow. The background music is for demonstration purposes only and other music can be selected.


Sounds may be incorporated with images or as a background to a web page. A message or sound may also be spoken or played when the web page opens, when a link is clicked or when the mouse is placed over an image. Place your mouse over the image to the bottom right for an example

You may wish to investigate the appropriate use of multi-media for your website.

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